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Porting OpenWrt to ZyXEL NWA3560-N

A few days ago I got this device for free and I thought that maybe I could run OpenWrt on it, so that I could use it alongside with my other WPA3 OpenWrt hotspots.

Usare il VoIP di TIM con Asterisk

Inserisco qui la mia configurazione funzionante per usare TIM come trunk SIP per Asterisk.

ZX2C4's pass in Windows

Recently I've migrated to pass, but on its website there is no Windows installation guide. One of the things that helped me writing this guide is this blog post.

GS108Ev3 configuration file format reverse engineering

Disclaimer: The fields marked with ? have not been verified.

NodeRED Single Sign On with Keycloak

This morning I was struggling to get NodeRED to accept users from Keycloak. This is what acomplished my goals.

Hi from a PowerMac G4 (or how I got git to run there)

I recently got a PowerMac G4 QuickSilver and I wanted to do some stuff on it.